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The TankPro Smartwatch

The TankPro Smartwatch

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A new smartwatch, ready to take the definition of durability to the next level, ready to be used and beaten on the most extreme work conditions.

 12-Months Warranty
 Money-Back Guarantee
 Built For The Working Man


Our Smartwatches are Built to Endure the Toughest Conditions.

We have put our smartwatches to the test in various extreme conditions to ensure that they can withstand the harshest challenges. As a result, we have developed a watch that can withstand blows from tools, operate within temperatures ranging from -22 F to 150 F, and is equipped with a sturdy, shock-resistant body and scratch-resistant screen. Our multiple stress tests have resulted in the strongest smartwatch on the market, ensuring long-lasting quality

“SmartArmor watches are very Durable and really dependable, my line of work persists of maintaining heavy equipment in the HAVC field, I’m very pleased !! I’ve been through so many watches of different brands. I’m very satisfied with SmartArmor
-John.C Locklear          Verified Purchase

The Ultimate Combination of Toughness and Style.

Prepare to take your wrist game to the next level with the TankPro - the ultimate smartwatch designed for individuals who demand toughness, durability, and superior engineering. The TankPro is the new standard in rugged wearables, built to exceed expectations and meet the needs of hard-working individuals.

Enhanced Impact Resistance and Connectivity.

Higher Impact Resistance and Connectivity. With an enhanced metal and rubber components, the TankPro provides unbeatable protection and reliability for your daily activities.

You can now stay connected with your most important contacts without the need for a phone. Our Bluetooth Calling technology allows you to answer and make calls right from your wrist, providing you with the ultimate convenience and ease of use.

Unmatched Water Protection and Durability.

The TankPro offers complete water protection, unlike other watches that are only water-resistant. You can confidently enjoy your outdoor adventures and challenging tasks without worrying about water damage. The watch's scratch-resistant screen, shock-proof technology, and ergonomic design with high-quality bands provide reliable protection and comfort for your wrist.

New Software Brings Enhanced Health Tracking to TankPro Smartwatch.

Experience the ultimate health tracking and sport mode features with the TankPro. Get precise results for step tracking and enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying wearing experience.

Achieve your fitness and wellness goals like never before with the TankPro.

💓 Blood pressure
💤 Sleeping mode
❤️ Heart rate tracking
💨 Oxygen measuring
🌤️ Location-based weather
📱 Social media notifications
📞 Messages and calls control
🏋️‍♀️ +70 sport modes


Water Rating: IP69K Waterproof
Sport Modes: More than 70 with smart recognition
Battery: 380mAh
Battery life: 10-15 days on regular us
Display: 1.85’’
Heart Rate Sensor: VP60
Pedometer Sensor: STK8325
Screen: Tempered Glass, Scratch resistant
Microphone & Speaker: Waterproof
Diameter: 42m
Weight: 80gr

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Is the TankPro Smartwatch reliable?

Every TankPro Smartwatch is crafted with rustproof stainless steel, ensuring durability and strength that you can trust. You won't have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

Can I use SmartArmor Smartwatches to make calls and send messages?

Absolutely! With SmartArmor Smartwatches, you can make and receive calls directly from your wrist. However, text message replies are not currently supported on this watch.

Do these smartwatches offer water protection?

Absolutely! They feature cutting-edge IP69K Waterproof technology to keep them safe from water damage.

Does it have fire-resistant properties?

The smartwatch is designed to resist sparks, flames, and slag from welding, making it highly resistant to fire. However, it is not recommended to expose the smartwatch to direct flames such as from a blowtorch.

Does it have a guarantee?

Absolutely! We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and 120-day protection against any software issues, including free replacement if necessary. So, you can rest assured that your investment is well-protected.

Is my smartphone compatible with any SmartArmor Smartwatch?

Yup! It works with all Iphones & Android phones, not sure about your phone model? Contact Us!

Will my wrist fit on the SmartArmor watches?

Yup!  All of our watches come with adjustable straps that can accommodate any wrist size.

Is the TankPro watch bulky?

No, it's actually quite slim with a smaller screen than Apple's Series 8. The extra space is used to ensure that the protective metal casing fits snugly around the watch.

What Is the battery life?

Daily users report 1-2 weeks between charging, takes 1 hour to fully charge.

*charging cable included*

How do I contact Smart Armor?

If you have any questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail to or through our social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram.

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