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The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch

The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch

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A new smartwatch, ready to take the definition of durability to the next level, ready to be used and beaten on the most extreme work conditions.

 12-Months Warranty
 Money-Back Guarantee
 Built For The Working Man


🛡️ Built to Endure Anything 🛡️
The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch 

Whether you scratch it, bang it, or even dunk it in water,
it'll keep on ticking.

Don't settle for a fragile and overpriced smartwatch.
Get The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch, designed with durability in mind.

📲Stay Connected, On the Go

Receive text messages, app notifications, and emails in real-time,
without having to take out your phone.

🤑 Affordable and Feature-Packed

Our Smartwatch offers the same features as watches that cost more than double the price!

❤️ Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring
📊 Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitors
🚶‍♂️ Steps and Calories Tracker
🎵 Bluetooth Music Player

🛠️ Built For Hard Work

Tough enough to handle anything.

Designed for laborers, welders, ranchers, firefighters, mechanics, longshoremen, and anyone who works hard.

💓 Track Your Health

Monitor your heart rate in real-time.
Reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes with The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch.

🌪️ Built to Survive Extreme Conditions

The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch is tough as nails and can withstand harsh winter weather and extreme temperatures as low as -30° Degrees and beyond.

Plus, it's waterproof, so you can submerge it in mud or water without worry and power wash it at the end of a hard day.

 🩸 Track Your Vitals

1 in 3 men over 30 have hypertension (high blood pressure)
and nearly 20% don't know they have it.

Monitor your body's vital signs with:
🩸 Blood oxygen levels
💓 Blood pressure readings

🔋 Long-Lasting Battery Life

Don't worry about charging every day.
With a battery life that lasts up to 14 days, you can go longer without interruption.

🆓 Get a Free QuickRelease™ Safety Strap

In case of emergency, the magnetic strap of The Indestructible V2 will break away from your wrist, helping you stay safe.

Add QuickRelease™ to your order for free on the cart page.

 🌪️ Built for the Toughest Environments

💪 IP69K Dust-Proof rating ensures protection from:

👷‍♂️ Concrete dust
🧱 Fiberglass dust
🧪 Solvents & harsh chemicals
☁ Dust particles

Battle: MIL-STD810 Certified 🛡️

Our Indestructible V2 Watch has been tested against extreme temperatures, humidity, altitude, shock, and vibrations to meet the highest military standards.

 🎨 Customize Your Watch

Browse from hundreds of customizable watch faces or upload a photo from your phone to create a truly unique and personalized watch.

💯 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind The Indestructible Smartwatch with our money-back guarantee.

If you're not completely satisfied, contact us for a full refund. No hassle, no questions asked.


Display:1.43’’ AMOLED Display
Waterproof:IP68 Waterproof
Dust Proof:IP68 Dustproof
Screen Material:Gorilla Glass
Screen Toughness:H8 Hardness
Materials:Stainless Steel and Strong Body
Bluetooth:BT v5.2
Battery:410 mAh Lithium
Battery life: 10-15 days on regular use
Operation System:Android, IOS

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Is The Indestructible V2 Smartwatch durable?

Built with rustproof stainless steel every Indestructible V2Smartwatch you receive will be the most rugged watch you'll never have to buy again.

Will it fit my wrist?

Yup! All our watches have adjustable straps to fit any size wrist.

Can I use SmartArmor Smartwatches to make calls and send messages?

Absolutely! With SmartArmor Smartwatches, you can make and receive calls directly from your wrist. However, text message replies are not currently supported on this watch.

Is it water-proof & dust-proof

Yes! Completely IP68 Waterproof Certified & IP68 Dust-proof Certified, it's been frozen in ice !

Is it bulky?

Nope!It's quite slim,the screen is smaller then Apple's Series 8. We use this extra 1" of space to have our protective metal casing fit snuggly around the watch.

Does it work with all phones?

Yup! It works with all Iphones & Android phones, not sure about your phone model? Contact Us!

Is it fire-proof?

To sparks, flames, and potential slag from welding, YES! Don't try to put this over a blow torch though...

What Is the battery life?

Daily users report 1-2 weeks between charging, takes 1 hour to fully charge.

*charging cable included*

Do you offer guarantee on your products?

Of course! All of our orders are covered by a90-Day Money Back Guaranteein case something occurs to the watch, as well as120-Day Protection from any software issues.We'll cover the cost of any replacement watch!

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